How Does A DUI Arrest Affect A College Student?

College is a time when young adults explore new behaviors, including the consumption of alcohol. Sometimes the experimentation can go too far and result in a DUI, regardless of whether the student has attained the legal drinking age of 21 years or not. Besides showing up on an arrest record, this charge can lead to a cascade of negative academic consequences, beyond the question of whether the student will have to serve a sentence for the DUI.

However, an arrest for DUI does not have to create long-term failure for a college student. I am Amy Pietrowski, founding attorney of Pietrowski Law Practice, and I concentrate a large part of my practice on defending clients accused of DUI infractions.

Academic DUI Consequences For A College Student

The consequences that a student can suffer for incurring a DUI arrest will vary from institution to institution in Mississippi. Most student conduct codes address expectations related to the consumption of alcohol. Some of the consequences handed out to college students convicted of a DUI can include:

  • A formal reprimand placed in their file
  • Mandatory alcohol education sessions
  • Loss of privileges on sports or other extracurricular teams
  • Probation
  • Loss of scholarships/financial aid
  • Getting suspended or expelled from school, particularly for repeat DUI convictions

The arrest itself can also lead to consequences for the student, particularly in relation to employment after graduation. The DUI charge will show up on their criminal record, and the student may be denied the chance to interview or accept a desired job position.

Options For Minimizing The Impact Of A DUI

For a first-time DUI charge, if the student has no prior convictions, they may be eligible for a program known as nonadjudication. This simply means that your sentence and a finding of guilt is withheld pending successful completion of a six-month or one-year probation program. For some students, this option can educate them on the need to avoid intoxicated driving and reduce the harm from a DUI arrest. I am happy to explain the details of this option and advise you if your case may qualify.

Move Forward With Confidence After Your Arrest

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